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Terms and Conditions of Use - Laced Europe LTD (09541333)

Last updated: 19 January 2019.

The terms and conditions set out below govern your relationship with Laced Europe LTD (09541333), Whose registered office is 3 Queen Street, Ashford, TN23 1RF. Throughout this document, Laced Europe LTD is referred to as “Laced”, “”, “we”, “us” and “our”. “You” and “your” refer to anyone or any electronic agent using for any purpose.

  1. Agreement.
  2. By using our services (any part of, or accepting the terms and conditions when prompted, you agree to be bound by the terms found on this page and thus have read and abide by them entirely. If you do not agree with our terms and conditions, do not use any part of our services. Agreement (by use of our service or acceptance when prompted) to the terms and conditions on this page creates a legally binding agreement between us (Laced Europe LTD) and you (the user of our service). Therefore read this document carefully.

  3. Laced Europe LTD - The Marketplace.
  4. Laced Europe LTD is a marketplace for buyers and sellers of authentic footwear. As a marketplace, has the service of buying and selling products, however, all purchases and sales are a direct contract between buyer and seller and will be treated as such. Prices are set by the market, not by Laced, as such, we do not guarantee the sale of any product. Laced is not an auctioneer. Laced Europe LTD is an agent connecting buyers and sellers, managing the transaction and authentication of products for a fee per transaction, paid by the seller (see section 3.9). You can learn more about how the market place works, including how to buy and how to sell on on our FAQ page.

  5. Selling on
    • By creating an account and listing an item on the marketplace, you are accepting the terms, conditions and obligations regarding sellers outlined in this section.
    • By listing an item for sale, you the seller are creating a legally binding offer to sell the item for the specific price listed. Once the buyer accepts such an offer, you the seller are legally bound to sell the item to the buyer for the specified amount. As such, once an offer is accepted under no circumstances can the seller cancel the listing.
    • Failure to complete orders once offer has been accepted, or violation of the terms and conditions outlined in this document will result in the seller occurring a charge equal to 20% of the transaction or £45, whichever is greater as a service fee. In addition, Laced reserves the right to; (i) Suspend or terminate the sellers' account, (ii) Withhold any payments due to the seller, (iii) Claim any additional losses incurred due to the sellers' action or inaction in failing to complete the agreement. This includes but is not limited to transaction fees, compensation to the buyer and administrations costs.
    • To list an item for sale on, the seller must have the legal authority to sell such an item. Any violation of this shall result in additional charges to the seller as outlined in section 3.3 of this document.
    • All items listed on must be, without exception, 100% authentic, in brand new, undamaged condition, accompanied by the original box/packaging, with all original accessories. It is the sellers' obligation to ensure their item wholly meets the product description on
    • At the discretion of Laced Europe LTD, receipt of any item to us for authentication in violation of section 3.5 can result in your account being disabled indefinitely. In such circumstance Laced is under no obligation to return items. Any returns to sellers will be judged on a case by case basis at Laced Europe LTD’s discretion, with any costs incurred (such as shipping) being the liability of the seller.
    • By selling on you the seller are agreeing to the shipping obligations outlined in this section. Without exception, all items sent to us must be DOUBLE BOXED. This means that the original packaging should be contained and protected within a second box. Upon the sale of items, Laced will make available to you a shipping label to send the item to us for authentication. This label must be affixed to the outside of the box.
    • Once an item has sold on, you the seller have two working days to send the item to us in compliance with section 3.9. Failure to do so will incur additional charges to the seller as outlined in section 3.3.
    • When using our service you the seller are accepting that all shipping costs incurred sending your item to us are your liability and thus are deductible from your Laced accounts balance. The fees for shipping will be clearly presented to you at the point of listing your items. This is subject to change at any time at the discretion of Laced Europe LTD with no warning or notice. It is, therefore, your responsibility to ensure you are up to date with the latest amendments to these terms and conditions.
    • Should an item you have sold fail verification for any reason, you the seller will be charged a standard £15 fee for the item to be returned to you.

  6. Transaction Fees, Withdrawals and Taxes for Sellers.
    • Our standard fee is 15% of the total sale price of each item sold, paid for by the seller. The 15% fee includes VAT, payment processing and verification costs. This standard fee is non-negotiable. Laced Europe LTD reserves the right to change this fee with full discretion at any time, and will inform you via email 14 day prior to any changes made.
    • Sellers can request a withdrawal from their account balance at any time. We aim to have all requests in British Pound Sterling (£) processed and available in the destination account within 24 hours of request. However, we reserve the right for this transaction to take longer. We aim to have all withdrawal requests in US Dollars ($), or Euros (€) processed and available in the destination account within 2-3 business days. However, we reserve the right for this transaction to take longer.
    • As an agent linking buyer and seller, Laced Europe LTD is not responsible for the reporting, collection or payment of taxes due by the seller. It remains the sellers' obligation under the applying law to ensure all required taxes are paid where required. We reserve the right, in accordance with our privacy policy, to share any information requested from us by relevant authoritative bodies regarding payments made from us to sellers.

  7. Buying on
    • As outlined in section 1 of this document, by using any of our services you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, regardless as to whether you hold a account or access our services as a guest.
    • When committing to buy any item on, you the buyer are accepting the sellers' offer and thus create a legally binding agreement with the seller directly to complete the sale of that item. Once this agreement has been made under no circumstances can the buyer cancel the order. Doing so will violate these terms and conditions and as such Laced Europe LTD reserves the right to prohibit any future use of any of our services.
    • Using our Auto-Buy service allows you the buyer to set a price at which you will accept the sellers offer, and thus automatically buy the item. Once the price of Auto-Buy matches that provided by the seller, an official offer and acceptance between buyer and seller ocur and thus a legally binding agreement is created. Cancellation of an “Auto-Buy” set by the buyer can therefore ONLY be made at any time PRIOR to this acceptance.
    • Laced Europe LTD is a Market Place, operating as an agent connecting buyers and sellers. All purchases and sales are a direct and legally binding agreement between buyer and seller and NOT As such, we strictly operate a no returns/refunds policy.
    • Buyers accept that by using our service, you are solely responsible for all duties and taxes that are occurred as a result of the agreed transaction. This includes international customs fees. Laced Europe LTD is not responsible for any charges that occur as a result of you using our platform.
    • By using our service you agree that you may be required to provide proof of identification in the form of a driving license, passport or proof of address. This is to help prevent fraud, keeping our marketplace safe. Such an obligation is in complete alignment with GDPR legislation.

  8. Promotions.
  9. By using our service, you agree that any promotion on is subject to its own terms and conditions. We reserve the right to cancel any promotions at any time.

  10. Intellectual Property.
  11. By using our service, you agree that our copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets and other intellectual property is and will always remain our sole property. Use of and its services does not grant you a licence or interest in any of our intellectual property.

  12. Disclaimers and Limitation of Liability.
    • Laced Europe LTD is a Market Place. All goods sold are purchased from third parties, not from Laced Europe LTD. In agreeing to these terms and conditions, you covenant to not bring any claim against Laced Europe LTD. Laced will not be responsible for the actions or inactions of its users.
    • Laced Europe LTD does not perform background checks nor do we endorse any users and as such will not be held responsible for users actions or inactions.
    • Laced Europe LTD does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any content made available to its users, whether that be on or any other linked website or outlet.
    • By using our service you agree that liability of Laced Europe LTD shall be strictly limited, in any circumstance, to the 20% transaction fee of the sole transaction in question.

  13. Indemnity.
  14. By using our service, you agree to indemnify, defend and hold Laced Europe LTD, its directors, employees and agents, completely harmless from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, expenses (including legal and accounting costs), incurred in any way connected with your (the users) access and use of our services, or your violation of these terms.

  16. Current processing and delivery estimates are 6-14 working days from the date of purchase.

    The government enforced COVID-19 restrictions means there is a delay in the processing of orders. We are committed to maintaining our promise to properly authenticate your items and as such processing may take longer than usual.

    Please note: If an item fails authentication this will result in the immediate cancellation of your order and the processing of your refund in as timely a manner as possible.