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Air Jordan

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Air Jordans

When it comes to sports shoes that boast striking and timeless designs, look no further than Air Jordans. Michael Jordan is a legend for more than just his basketball career - he’s the sporting star that’s responsible for creating the legendary Air Jordan shoes. Following a fruitful collaboration with Nike back in 1984, the first pair of Nike Air Jordan trainers was fashioned. With bold designs, the footwear proved to be a smash hit. It started with Air Jordan 1, quickly followed by the Air Jordan 2 and Air Jordan 3 ranges.

Variety of Air Jordan Colours

You can stick with the classic colours of red Jordans, black Jordans and red and black Jordans - they’re some of the most timeless colourways so they’re always going to stick around. We’re not just talking about blue or pink Jordans either. The smart designs mean that even when Jordans enter a world of eccentricity, they always end up sleek and stylish.

Jordans For Everyone

Their original target market may have been the male demographic. Times have changed, and men’s Jordans are far from the only option. In fact, there’s a large selection of women’s Jordans for females that want to step up their streetwear game. Even regular Nike Air Jordans can act as unisex footwear. Over the years, Nike has also introduced a large collection of kids Jordans for both genders.

High, Mid & Low Top Jordans

Along with the diverse colours and gender-specific designs, Jordans are also differentiated by their general structure. From high top Jordan 1's to low ones, there are different types available. High tops resemble traditional basketball shoes in their arrangement, while low top Jordan 1's are more akin to a standard trainer. Air Jordan 1 mid tops aren’t quite the middle ground you might expect - they’re only marginally smaller than high tops.