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Womens Jordans

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Women’s Jordans

Women’s Jordans are known to be some of the most sought-after trainers in the UK. Nike has always been inclusive and released its first women’s Air Jordans at the same time its men’s range first hit the shelves in the 1980s. The original Air Jordans were designed in 1984, and ever since then, a total of 35 different styles of women’s Jordan trainers have made their way into the homes of Nike fans in every corner of the globe. Our range of Jordan shoes for women features plenty of classics, including the Air Jordan 1 Satin Black Toe Women’s, the Air Jordan 1 Mid Milan, and the Air Jordan 1 Mid Pink Quartz GS, to name just a few.

Women’s Jordans Colours

Women’s Nike Air Jordans are available in many unique block colors and a number of gorgeous colour combos for the creative at heart. Those hoping for a classic, retro aesthetic should choose from the black Jordans women’s range or the white Jordans women’s range. If you want to add a dash of extra personality to your wardrobe, explore the more ‘out-there’ colour combinations in store, such as women’s red Jordans or the red and black women’s collection. Other go-to options include the subtle, yet stylish women’s grey Jordans, and black and white Jordans for the best of both worlds.

High, mid, and low top women’s Jordans

You’ll also need to decide between high, mid, and low top styles. This decision is largely based on personal preference and your style. The trainers from Jordan 1’s high top range for women promise a much higher ankle support level for someone who is quite active and constantly on the move. The women’s Air Jordan 1 low designs are best for ladies who prefer more freedom of movement and need to be quicker on their feet whereas the Air Jordan 1 mid women’s collection provides a good balance of both.