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Air Jordan 1

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Air Jordans 1

When you talk about the Air Jordans 1, you’re discussing one of the most iconic sports trainers of all time. The Nike Air Jordan 1 shoes were originally released back in 1984, designed by Michael Jordan.

Air Jordan 1 Colours

Jordan 1 shoes have always been known for their bold and colourful designs. The original Jordan 1 black and red colourway, a striking design which holds up to this day, earned the basketball star a $5,000 fine every time he wore them on court. The rebellious nature of the shoes only added to the appeal of Air Jordan 1 trainers. Nowadays, you’ll find pink Jordans 1 sitting alongside classic Jordan 1 black and white shoes. As some of the most popular products show, the range can venture into designs with a multitude of colours and patterns, be it white, grey or green.

Men’s & Women’s Jordans 1’s

Due to the prevalence and range of designs, Air Jordan 1 shoes are not exclusive to one gender. You can find specifically designed Jordan 1 women’s shoes that reside comfortably beside some of the most iconic Jordan 1 men’s footwear. The classic Air Jordan 1 Mid Chicago Toe is an example of shoes that can be viewed as unisex. You can also find Jordan 1 kids trainers for boys and girls, which means nobody in the family needs to miss out.

Jordan 1 High, Mid & Low Tops

With so many different colours and designs, it only makes sense there are different types of Jordan 1’s available – also known as high, mid, and low tops. The Jordan 1 high top is what best resembles the original concept of the range, spotlighted by something like the ever-popular Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Obsidian. If you’re searching for stylish footwear that resembles a regular trainer, Jordan 1 low tops fit the bill. In the middle you naturally have the Jordan 1 mid tops such as the Air Jordan 1 Mid ‘Light Smoke Grey’.