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Released in December 2018 you wouldn't be criticised for thinking that the newly released Off-White x Air Force 1 Low Black offers little in the way of innovation, and on the face of it Virgil Abloh is presenting a relatively straightforward take on Bruce Kilgore's design. Although you aren't wrong to think that, in no way does that suggest however that this release is void of anything noteworthy. This reconstructed build retains everything that the public love about the Air Force 1, in addition to a mix of ripstop and suede, the upper features taped seams and a white Swoosh attached via zigzag stitching, which has become so iconic as features for the Off-White range. This kick is probably one of the least tampered with Off-Whites from the source material and yet in no way resembles a lazy reboot. The attention to detail which is achieved on this product only accentuates and celebrates the timeless greatness of its source material. If you are looking for an Off-White that is silent but deadly, this is the one for you, it's an Air Force 1 for the Next Gen, and we love it.

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