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One of this year's most anticipated releases, the Off-White Air Presto White that dropped August 2018 a week after its all-black counterpart hit shelves is just as heralded for both comfort and innovation. The ‘t-shirt for your feet' mantra is one that definitely applies to this Presto. Virgil Abloh has been able to craft something that rings true to fans of the Presto but shaping its unique brand of Off-White influence. Highlighted by rough seams and the exposed inner foam of the tongue, this is a deconstructed Presto, one that celebrates the raw elements that make it a classic and concentrates its focus on the type of comfort which made the Nike Air Presto so famous in the early 2000s. The Off-White signature trimmings are executed brilliantly again on this silhouette, and now with a triple white as well as a triple black version, there is no excuse not to cop yourself an Off-White Presto this year.

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