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Exclusively released through the Adidas app before a general release in stores February 2018, the AlphaEdge 4D Ash Green is a taste of the future ladies and gentlemen, and the future involves a lot of complicated explanations. Adidas have with this creation mastered the skill of 3D printing shoes, and using their coined FutureCraft technology they're revolutionizing what personalized footwear means through Digital Light Synthesis - process that in layman's terms uses light and oxygen to allow this shoe's light green midsole to be more breathable and cushioning for that extra comfort and spring. The shoes groundbreaking lattice structure resembling the conventional shape of the Adidas alphaBounce. This keeps the foot securely locked in place which is made even more robust thanks to the integrated lacing system. This shoe is pretty much as sci-fi as it's going to get in 2018, but is much more than a gimmick, a kick built with science with comfort and performance in mind, but still delivers with style and elegance. This shoe is a prototype for a whole wave of future products but doesn't mean it doesn't stand alone as a modern marvel, pick one up if you can.

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